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You may have heard about great IRL hackathons, but if you’re in high school you probably haven’t been to one. They vanished when the pandemic hit, and now they're missing from our new normal.

Our summer project is to kick off a hackathon renaissance, together. We'll begin in San Francisco on August 5th, and we ask for you to join us!

This is your invitation to meet and make mischief.

150+ hackers from all over the world come together in San Fransisco to...

Share Their Knowledge

At Assemble, you'll be able to give & watch talks from peers, gain experience, make connections, and discover yourself. You'll meet new people from around the world (including previous AMA guests), get help from peers, and support your fellow hackers.
Two hackers problem-solving on the Hacker Zephyr (Photo by Kunal Botla,

Build For Themselves

At Assemble, attendees build projects that have value to themselves. You'll build something that's meaningful to you and other hackers, not pitching to impress a business-type. Learning and creating is valued far above a long-term product plan.
Teenager coding on The Hacker Zephyr (Photo by Kunal Botla,

Set New Standards

One hackathon doesn’t constitute a renaissance, so we’re open-sourcing and documenting everything we work on for Assemble to allow attendees to create incredible hackathons in their communities.
Students at Flagship gathering

And hack for 42 hours (with time for sleep)!

The Rundown & Registration

Date & Time: Starts at 6:00pm on August 5th and ends at 12:00 noon on August 7th.
Venue: Figma HQ
760 Market St.
San Francisco, California 94102
At the corner of Figma HQInside the Figma officeWater-front Embarcadero, a 7 minute walk from Figma HQHistoric ferry building only 2 bus stops from the venue
Travel Stipends: We're offering a limited number of stipends to cover travel expenses. If you need support with your travel stipend, please indicate this on your registration form and we will consider you for a travel stipend.
Eligibility: All high-school & upper-middle-school aged students are welcome to come! You don't have to be a member of the Hack Club community or be a Hack Club leader.
COVID-19: We require all participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or to have a medical exemption and will be providing all participants with N95 masks and rapid tests. We'll also be performing anonymous contact tracing and supporting any participant who tests positive with isolation.
Why a waitlist? Unfortunately, we are overbooked at the moment. However, we expect places to open up and will be offering these places to those on the waitlist.
Anything else?

Can I join?

If you're in middle school, high school, or an alumni of Hack Club, yes, we are so excited to see you in SF! If you're not sure, shoot us a mail at

What do I need?

Your laptop, chargers, anything for your hack (hardware?), toiletries, sleeping bags, and an open mind.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! We’ll have meals, snacks, and beverages onsite at the hackathon, as well as swag, prizes, and fun mini-events.

I can't pay for travel...

We're providing travel stipends to both domestic and international attendees. Please request one on the registration form if needed. If you're travelling internationally, we can issues visa letters and have prepared this guide to help you.

Who is judging?

Judging is done by the people that matter the most– attendees. If you ship a project you can vote on other projects. That said, we'll still have pretty cool people hang out with us.

I'm not that good at coding...

This hackathon is for hackers of all skill levels! We'll have workshops and other events so join us and let's learn together. If you'd like to start exploring some introductory projects, check out Hack Club Workshops .

What can I make?

Anything! Apps, art, sites, and hardware projects are all perfect for a hackathon. Check out what Hack Clubbers are making every day!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

From 9PM - 7AM on both nights we will have a designated sleeping area in the Figma office with low lights and minimal sound for you to rest! Make sure to bring a sleeping bag!

My parents are worried!

We're here to help, ask them to reach out to us at and we'll make sure to answer all their questions. Assemble will be supervised by background checked staff and overseen by 24/7 security staff.

Curious about what we did last summer? Check out The Hacker Zephyr story!

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Source code open sourced at hackclub/www-assemble and finances released on Hack Club Bank.